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Up Close With Margie Tsang
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24  Date: 2002-08-16 16:17:24
Linda ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello, I'm a big fan of Tony and Margie. I happened to read this board and am SO surprised that there are still many people out there that think they are the GREATEST couple EVER. That's personally what I think--they never look better than with each other. They are SO compatible! I was so sad when they broke up for good (and still am sometimes). You know what, from 85 till today I still call them Ah Kit and Ah Yee!! :)

23  Date: 2002-08-04 05:03:34
winnie ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Margie will be on birthday on 6th August. Happy Birthday. Wishing you enjoy your life all the time.

22  Date: 2002-07-29 16:32:33
Jill ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Nicole,

I am so glad to find Margie's website. You've done a great job. Margie has always been my favorite actress. She is charming and great actress.

Nicole, do you have Margie's email address or fans mailing address that I send mail to ?

21  Date: 2002-06-28 13:46:27
jenn wong ( / no homepage) wrote:

follow margie 's news more than 10 years, even she get marriage. but i hear the bad news from newspaper about her personnal life, anyway no matter what kind of decision made , i always & respect her forever. i hope can see her again at tv or movie & have a good new life for her

20  Date: 2002-06-23 07:14:12
Ah Yee ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

期待已久,TVB終於出版了新蛃v兄續集VCD,Margie 及Tony 的fans可買來回味他們j的片段

19  Date: 2002-04-22 07:23:46
Jen ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I am heartbroken to hear that Margie and her husband has separated. Once a happy marriage and family no longer exists. How sad and unfair it is for their son to grow up in a single family now. I hope Margie will find happiness in whatever decision she makes.

18  Date: 2002-04-21 09:20:44
Ah Yee ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

As Yolina, I was also very surprised to know that Margie has been divorced! Anyway, I will support her decision. In my heart, I still wish that Margie could love with Tony and act in the TVB TV series again. Margie, wish you could have a happy life forever!

17  Date: 2002-04-20 07:48:49
Yolina ( / no homepage) wrote:

Where can I buy 希望之鴿 VCD?

16  Date: 2002-04-20 07:40:09
Yolina ( / no homepage) wrote:


15  Date: 2002-01-20 17:08:04
魚魚 ( no email / wrote:

這個站真棒 有好豐富的曾華倩資料


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