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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Biography

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Margie was born on August 6, 1965 in Hong Kong. She grew up in a typical household with 2 older brothers and one older sister. Her father was a doctor and her mother a housewife.

Margie enrolled in TVB's 12th Annual Actors Training class in 1982 after graduating from high school. Upon completion of the class, she was assigned to host a children's program called [430 Space Shuttle]. Other hosts of the program include Tony Leung and Stephen Chow. Her romance with Tony also began at this time. Shortly after a year, Margie was transferred to the drama divison.

Margie Her first series was one of TVB's big budget production [The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain]. Although she was not the lead actress, her performance and youthful spirit quickly caught the audience's attention.

Because of the audience's acceptance to Margie , TVB decided to promote her and casted her as one of the lead actress in the movie [The Young Cops]. From there, Margie became one of TVB's lead actress and acted in numerous ancient and modern day drama series.

Aside from acting, Margie generated a lot of news about her love life. For this reason, she was often the media's object of attention. Actors whose name was linked to these rumours include Roger Kwok, Wilson Lam, and Eddie Cheung . Whether it was true or not is still a mystery.

Margie was already considered a very popular actress in Hong Kong, but her popularity was not as intense in Hong Kong compared to Taiwan. Starting from 1987, Margie was Taiwan's most popular Hong Kong Actress and maintained this status for at least another four years.

In 1987, Margie went to Taiwan to perform for the first time along with a group of TVB artiste. To everyone's surprise, Margie recieved the most flowers from fans amongst the group. Although a few big name actresses were present, their popularity was not comparable to Margie who was still relatively new at the time.

Margie In reminiscence, Margie still feels a little embarassed about the situation. She remembers hinting to fans to give the flowers to other artistes as her arms was already full, but the fans refused to listen and continued to shove the flowers to her making her very embarassed.

Not only in Taiwan, Margie was also extremely popular in Malaysia. According to a survey conducted in 1989 by a local magazine, Margie was placed first in the Top 10 Most Popular Actress and Top 10 Dream Girl category.

In November of 1990, Margie returned to Hong Kong after filming her first taiwanese series [Dove of Love]. Because she signed a contract with Panasonic before leaving Taiwan, Margie had to make several trips the following year to Taiwan for commercial shoots.

Back in Hong Kong, she was assigned to join the variey show [EYT] in hope to boost ratings. As well, it was more convenient for her to take time off for her committments in Taiwan.

Margie After several months of [EYT], Margie concentrated on her last two series at TVB [Life for Live] and [A New Life]. She then hosted a money investment program and flew to Taiwan for a commercial before leaving TVB for ATV at the end of 1991.

During her time at TVB, Margie acted in many series but she said she could not choose one she was most satisfied with. But if she must choose, then her role in [Life for Live] would be the most memorable because the character was specially tailor for her.

At ATV, Margie hosted a few variety programs as well acted in two drama series [Who's the Winner II] and [The Silver Tycoon]. Her relationship with Nathan Chan also ended at this time.

After her contract with ATV ended, Margie went to Taiwan again to film two dramas. She signed with TVB again after returning to HK where she acted in her last TV series [A Trail of Love] in 1994. From there, Margie concentrated soley on hosting variety programs and shows such as [What a Glamorous Life] with James Wong.

Margie In 1996, Margie married businessman Stephen Lam and worked only on selected jobs as MC for variety shows.

She gave birth to her first baby on January 1,1999.

After becoming a mother, Margie seldom appeared in the public eye until she signed with ATV to host a homemakers program [Women.Com] in April,2000.

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