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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Friendship

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Margie And Sandra

When Sandra was asked who her best friend is, she quickly replied: "Margie. We've known each other for a long time and is very buddy. Sandra said Margie's good point is: "She is ugly which makes me appear prettier when we're seen together." She then added: "The reason we're so compatible is because we have different taste in men, there is no need to compete since she will not like the type I like."

After joking a bit, Sandra then became more serious and said: "We are too compatible, whether its our thinking or personality, we are very similar. She was born only 4 days later than me, if we were born on the same day, we would be even more similar.

On the other end, Margie's first response was: "We can talk about anything." Also, they both like insulting each other. "Our personalities are very close, we both talk too much and like to nag. My other friends always say that I am very ma fan (bothersome?) only with Sandra do I feel she is even more ma fan."

"My most memorable experience with Sandra happened when we were in the Actors Training Class. For our final examination, we were asked to act very sad. Sandra and I thought of an idea, that is we would slap each other to make us cry. Instead, it made us laugh more than it made us cry, in the end we used the most force and slapped each other hard making it hurt so bad we couldn't stop crying and successfully passed the exam.

Sandra & Margie Sandra & Margie Margie & Sandra Sandra & Margie Sandra & Margie Sandra & Margie
^^^^ Sandra ^^^^

Margie And Chu Wai San

San talks about Margie
People's personality changes at different stages in life. Margie used to be very blunt and will say things that can be quite cutting. During 89-90, she was somewhat cocky and will say things that snub me. I won't get mad because I know her too well, but I will sometimes think to myself: why would she say something like that? She may have been influenced by the people around her in the past years because she has changed quite a bit and is less blunt. She is now much more comfortable to be with. Margie is a very cheerful person, always making jokes. You can be assure that you will be happy being around her. Though she may appear to be always laughing and giggling, she is a very independant and mature person.

Margie talks about San
She is one of my closest friend. We've known each other since we were little. I won't try to analyze her personlity, but I know exactly what she likes and not like when I see something while shopping. If I must describe her personality, I'd say she's a little dependant and does things at a very slow pace.

Childhood Time
S : I was three when I first saw you, my mom and your mom was talking on the streets. I was hiding behind my mom, peeking at you.
M : Because we live on the same street, my mom and your mom played mah jong together.
S : We later became classmates, and sat together in class since grade 3.
M : Because we were tall, we were probably the tallest girls in the class.
S : We got along really well, and often thought of tricks to play on other people.
M : Some people were very well behaved as kids and only concentrated on their school work and not have much childhood memories. But we really playful and engertic. We have no regrets about our childhood.
S : Some of today's cartoon are actually images of our childhood, we were just like the characters: know-it-all, bratty, and mischevious.
M : You look like you're very quiet on the outside, but a lot of the stupid ideas were thought by you.

The Nail Polish Incident
M : There was this very well behaved but vain girl in our class. We told her we will paint her nails for her because she doesn't know how. We took a marker and painted and painted ...
S : It wasn't a marker, it was a pen.
M : Was it? Actually we were playing a trick on her but she didn't know that and even thanked us for it.

Belly Poking
M : For some reason, belly poking was a fun thing to do when we were in grade six. Whoever got poked will start running all over the place to avoid getting poked again. We wanted to play matchmaker for a boy and a girl.
S : We were very naive at the time and didn't know what boy and girl relationships were all about.
M : We waited until the boy and the girl was standing close together and poke the girl to make her bump into the boy; so simple minded. But when we poked the girl, she knocked the boy over while trying to duck. The boy fell into some glass and cut his hand.
S : The principal was very angry when he found out. He was very clever and questioned us separately. While one was being questioned, the other have to stand outside his office.
M : Everybody knew we were being punished, but we tried to pretend we were waiting for someone by looking at our watch from time to time to make it seem less embarassing.
S : We also had to be punished after the questioning. Maybe because we were girls, the pricipal asked us whether we want to be slapped on the hand or write papers. To his surprise, we both blurted out at the same time: "Slap our hands".
M : Thats because we were lazy, but the pricipal said he doesn't hit girls so he made us write anyways. We were not very impressed with his decision.

The Truth About Eye Glasses
M : Since childhood, our personalities are very similar. We did not need glasses when we were small.
S : But we told our moms we couldn't see clearly and pretended everything was blury during the eye exam. We were prescribed glasses for no reason but is now nearsighted because of it.
M : It was because everybody else wore glasses at school, we thought wearing glasses would make us smarter.

Tainted Widh Grease Stains
S : My brothers and sisters are a lot older than me and my mom doesn't allow me to go outside and play. I was very envious of Margie because she had a brother close to her age that she can play with.
M : At that time my dad had a medical clinic and we lived on the top floor. Chu Wai San lived in the building across the street, we can stand in front of the windows and find out what the other person was doing by making a signal.
S : I was left at home by myself one evening because my parents and had to go to a wedding. I sneakly went downstairs and played hide and go seek with Margie and her brother. The streets were filled with parked trucks and we crawled under it making our clothes soiled with car grease.
M : We were very afraid that our parents would find out so quickly went home and washed our clothes in the bathroom. Don't remember what happened next, but I think we got away with it.

Trapped In The Elevator Incident
S : One day Margie and I went to visit a classmate. If I remember correctly, the classmate lived in the only apartment in Tai Po with an elevator. It was our first time taking the elevators, we were so excited we started to dance inside the elevator.
M : We were dancing around and the elevator suddenly stopped. We were very scared and pressed the emergency button. We waited for a long time until the security man finally came and freed us. Once we were outside, we ran as fast as we could because we thought that the police would put us in jail for breaking the elevator.

The Period
S : When we were little, Margie and I were very nosy and mischevious. In grade six, there was an older girl who sat in front of us. She had her first period and soiled her uniform, the teacher then gave her another uniform to change into.
M : We actually knew what was going on but pretended we didn't know. We kept on asking the girl where did she just go and why was there a stain on her dress. The girl was very embarassed and didn't know how to respond to us. We felt very happy that we acheived our objective.

M : Girls and boys did not play together back then, and the boys did not try to tease us.
S : Because we were quick thinkers, many classmates were afraid we'll play tricks on them but they still wanted to play with us. As we play, they would continue to say "please don't play tricks on us."
M : Although we were really good friends, we sometimes have arguements, don't remember what's it about but when ever we fought we we move our chairs apart. If the chairs were moved back together, it meant that everything was ok again.
S : The arguements were always about little unimportant things.

S : After graduating from elementry, we were assigned to go to different middle schools. In the beginning we still talked on the phone and sometimes meet at the libary. After a while, we saw less of each other. To maintain our friendship, we made a date to meet at the star ferry under the 5 flag poles when we're 18.
M : At that time 18 sounded like a very sophisicated age and need to dress like a mature lady for the date. We decided we'll show up with our poodle and wearing wide rim hats and sunglasses.
M : Of course we forgot by the time we reached 18.
M : When I was little, I like to draw so I wanted to be a fashion designer. We decided that when we grow up we'll go to Japan together to study fashion design. But later you didn't want to go so I joined the actors traing class instead.
S : Really? I don't remember. By the way, when did we meet again?
M : I think at work.
S : I think it was in 1989 when I joined TVB, I saw you in the makeup room.
M : In the beginning, we were a little distant but became friendly again shortly after. Our friendship was built on a solid foundation, that why we're so close.
S : It is quite a shame to forget your childhood. For whatever reason, Margie and I are really good friends since we were small.

Nimate Talk
M : Since we were a child, we grew up in the same enviroment, sometimes we'll say the same thing at the same time. Its like we can read each other's mind.
S : We talk on the phone all the time, we can tell each other anything and have total trust in each other.
M : But as a person matures, she will have her own thoughts and secrets. Unless its something serious, I will not take iniative to ask. Many things do not need to be talk about, we both understand this point.
S : Because we're good friends, I will not ask why when you're not happy because that will only make you more unhappy. You will tell me when you want to. It is important to respect each other and see the situation in the other person's viewpoint.

Wai San & Margie Margie & Wai San Margie & Wai San Wai San & Margie
*** Wai San ***

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