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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Love Story

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1. A Screen Play like Romance
-- Tony Leung
Tony & Margie
Margie and Tony began their "love and hate" relationship while she was still in TVB's actors training class in 1982. They broke up two years later but was reunited again after filming the movie [The Young Cops] together in 1985. As in a screen play with its twisted plot, the couple broke up again for the second time a year later.

Perhaps their relationship was viewed by most as the "match made in heaven", they fell in love once again while working together on [Police Cadets 88]. However, this last reconcilation was short lived as it quietly ended half a year later. Margie said being the women behind Tony was very difficult, thus they can never be lovers again.

2. Brief Encounter
-- Cheng Chong Mou
Margie & Cheng
Margie's relationship with jockey Mr. Cheng was exposed after reporters snapped a picture to them together in late 86. Margie met Mr. Cheng a few months after breaking up with Tony the second time.

While Margie was seeing Mr. Cheng, Tony was also dating Kitty Lai after filming a series together. However, both relationship ended shortly after a year.

3. Loving in High Spirits
-- Nathan Chan
Nathan & Margie
Margie and Nathan started dating at the end of 89. Their relationship lasted 3 years and was frequently seen together after they both signed with ATV. During the press conference that welcomed Margie to ATV, Nathan played the role of hostess and even kissed Margie in front of the cameras after much pleading from the reporters. Also, after Nathan became Lydia Sung's godson, Margie was often teased as Lydia's "future goddaughter-in-law". But their happiness soon ended as Nathan put too much emphasizes on his career and started to neglect Margie. As a result, their relationship later became friendship.

4. True Prince -- Stephen Lam Margie & Stephen
Margie and Stephen Lam married in England after dating a little more than 3 years. Under the witness of her family, Margie offically became Mrs. Lam on April 25, 96. Margie was a minimalist in preparing for her wedding. She did not wear a wedding gown nor took wedding photos, only a pair of wedding bands were brought along to the reception. She wore a simple light blue outfit and took care of her own make up while Stephen did her hair.

The married couple then went to Italy, Switerland, Vienna, etc for their honeymoon before returning to HK for a tea ceremony with Stephen's parents.

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