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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Love Story

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*** Nathan And Margie ***

Nathan described that his relationship with Margie started because of the rumours created by reporters. They gradually became a couple after much rumours and questions about their relationship was strongly pursue by the media. At the same time, TVB paired them up together in a series to take advantage of the free publicity. Because of all the set up opportunties, they became to know one another better and eventually became attracted to each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Margie & Nathan
Margie & Nathan Talking back to the first time Nathan meet Margie while filming Police Cadets, Nathan said: "She did not leave me with a good impression, to be honest, I didn't like her. I thought she was a bit spoiled, wasn't understanding toward others people's feelings and was quick to throw a temper." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"It's hard to blame her though, she came from a good background with no worries while growing up, she did not know how to sympathesize with the hardship other people may have endured. For that reason, she often did things and spoke words she shouldn't have." Nathan said he often confront her with her shortcomings and explain to her what she done wrong ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nathans first step to communicating with Margie was teaching her to be a better person. Margie & Nathan

Margie & Nathan Margie & Nathan Nathan & Margie Nathan & Margie Nathan & Margie
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