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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Love Story

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*** Stephen And Margie ***

-- Newly-married ---

Group Margie & Stephen Stephen & Margie Margie & Stephen
After becoming Mrs. Lam, Margie's daily chore was to make sure her husband does not leave anything behind before he leaves for work.

"He is very forgetful, many times he will call me from downstairs saying he forget his car keys. I am used to following him around each morning to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Once you find yourself willingly to do things like this, everything is worth it.

Before he wedded, Stephen's apartment and company was in Tuen Mun. But after he married Margie, their new home is in Hong Kong Island. Sometimes he will stay behind in Tuen Mun and not return home when he is too busy at work.

Margie: "Although its a bit silly, I will be quite happy knowing that I'll get the bed all to myself. When I see him the next morning, I will feel that I love him a bit more. We enjoy our lifestyle together, sometimes we'll stay at home and listen to music and drink red wine. On our days off, we'll go play tennis, activities that do not require a lot of money. Also, we both love travelling."

Margie feels that love should not be measured with money. "Many people ask me how much I spent on my wedding, how much my wedding ring is worth, but I don't like to weigh things in accordance to its price. That is the reason I didn't want to make my wedding into a big show."

Margie revealed that she and her husband share a little trick to maintain the freshness to their marriage. "We seldom have big arguements, but will sometimes quarell over small things. But we have a habit of giving each other a kiss before going to bed. Although we may feel a bit of anger after agrueing, we will still kiss. After the kiss, everything will be alright. Most of the time we will start laughing even before we kiss, all the anger will be gone after laughing."

"Marriage was a very natural thing for us. We travel to Italy each year to watch shows. As well, we have a house in England, so we decided to get married, there was not much planning involved."

--- Propose Marriage ---

Stephen & Margie Margie & Stephen Stephen & Margie
Margie is pretty and smart, how did Stephen convince her to marry him?

Stephen was a little embarassed after hearing this "Why would you ask such a personal question?... I'm not a romantic person, we've been dating for quite a while, it was time to get married." But still the reporter pursued the question again. This time he started to turn a bit red. Don't be fooled by his manly appearance, Stephen is actually a very cute and bashful guy.

When asked what he likes about his wifey, he quicky replied: "She is a very nice person, very easy to get along with, my family really likes her and she knows how to take care of me."

Does Margie know how to cook?

"Yes!" What is your favorite dish? "Fried leftover rice ... its very good!"

--- Gave Born ---

Baby Margie & Stephen
Margie Tsang gave birth to a 8 lb baby at Yan On Hospital in Sha Tin on 1st January 1999 at 2:00 in the afternoon.

From what she remembers, the baby looks more like her husband, but later Margie said the baby looks like both of them.

Her husband was by her side the whole time and even recorded the giving birth process using a camcorder. He remembers being excited and scared at the same time when he was in the delivery room. When he saw how much pain Margie was in, he was so touched, he almost cried.

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