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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Margie's Love Story

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*** Tony And Margie ***

Margie started dating Tony at the age of 17 while they both hosted the show [430 Space Shuttle].

Perhaps they were left with a painful scar after their first breakup, They would often ingore the other person's presence when ever they run into each other. It was not until TVB paired them up as a couple in [Police Cadets 85] when they realized they still loved one another.
Tony & Margie
Margie & Tony They became a couple again after acting together as husband and wife in the show. This made fans who supported their relationship very happy.
But not long after, rumours about their breakup began to circulate. Maybe previous conflicts that has not yet been resolved surfaced again, which eventually lead to a second breakup.
Margie & Tony
Tony & Margie After their second separation, Margie and Tony both found new dating partners. Tony dated Kitty Lai and Margie met up with Mr. Cheng.
This relationship didn't work out either, Margie resumed to singlehood again after breaking up with Mr. Cheng.
Margie & Tony
Margie & Tony It was during the filming of [Police Cadets 88] when Margie and Tony were spotted holding hands while on a date to the movies.
And so they were together once again. Just when the whole world thought they were the perfect match, they separated up for the 3rd time.
Tony & Margie
Tony & Margie Margie and Tony's relationship became a thing of the past when Tony started dating Carina Lau.

Tony & Margie Margie & Tony Tony & Margie
Tony & Margie Tony & Margie Tony & Margie Tony & Margie
Margie & Tony Tony & Margie Tony & Margie Margie & Tony
Tony & Margie Tony & Margie Margie & Tony Margie & Tony
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