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Up Close W i t h M argie T sang Webmaster

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Name ĦRNicole Tang
Sex ĦRFemale
Age ĦR24
Year ĦRDragon
Born ĦRMalaysia
Idol ĦRMargie Tsang Wah Sin

Actors ĦRTony Leung, Felix Wong, Simon Yam, Sean Lau.
Singers ĦRFaye Wong, Jeff Chang
Dramas ĦRLooking Back In AngerĦMBlood Of Good And Evil
Movies ĦRXin-Bu-Liao-QingĦMThe Story Of Ah-LangĦMLiang-Zuk
Songs ĦRWaiting(Danny Chan)ĦMDuo-Dak-Ta(Faye Wong)

Favourite of Margie
Hair style ĦRLong-straight
Looks ĦRCheung Xun Mou Kao (Grand Canal), Bak Ling (Silver Tycoon)
Character ĦRYip Hao Yee (Police Cadets 85), Cheung Pui Ling (Everybody Loves Somebody)
Co-actor ĦRTony Leung, Eddie Cheung, Felix Wong
Dramas ĦRPolice Cadets 85ĦMThe Saga Of The Lost Kingdom

On 80's, people like to watch Hong Kong Dramas. Idol of most fans should be actors or actresses, unsame with today's situation, singers is the one to whom consist of high market value.

She isn't a charming star, she isn't a century beauty, she also isn't an acting genius, but she have her own attractive to make her fans to support her long-lasting. She is one of the most popular actress on 80's, she is Margie Tsang Wah Sin.

People always feel unimaginable on the crazy way which I support Margie. In fact, the answer is very simple -- there should not need any reason in liking someone else.

The course of liking her is quite natural. There is because I always have chance to watch Hong Kong Dramas since child, of course there consist of Margie's dramas, as a result, liking her will come naturally.

I have met Margie in person 5 times when she came to Malaysia. She looked prettier than on screen and friendly in personality.

2 times from which make me unforgetable.

One of them happened on '92 when Margie came along with ATV drama team for a location shooting. Once they arrived airport, they have to attend a press conference which would held on other floor. How difficulty I escaped myself from crowed and finally followed Margie reached an excavator. Securities on duty prohibited me from entering, luckily Margie asked them to allow me came in from her own initiative. Further more, I felt unbelievable of her very good memory in which she could spoke out my name without remind. Margie said that is because she always received my letters and photo and met me most of the time when she came to Malaysia.

As a result, I became the only fan in the press conference's room on that night.

Another case happened on Dec '97. It's unimaginable that Margie can tolerance my 3 days (but no 3 nights) follow-tight towards her. As we all know Margie is a very low-key person, so freedom should be her basic requirement. Although I still felt her unwillingness, overall, she treat me well. In fact, she already got married at that time, fans aren't the source of her income anymore, so she is not necessary to entertain me, but she didn't do that, I really appreciate with her kindness.

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